The BioZone Protection System - Infection Defense

The BioZone Protection System is unique.  We have two options that treat for immediate sanitizing and enduring germ inhibiting action.  The BioZone Protectant System is a powerful way to halt infections at the door.  This germ inhibiting antimicrobial coating provides a 24/7 protection that takes the cleaning process to a whole new level.  There is not need for a light source like titanium oxide (TiO).  BioZone Protectant works in cold or hot temperatures, enclosed areas, and will also inhibit the growth of mold and algae on surfaces.

SANITIZING AGENT:  To achieve a more immediate Infection Control program, add just 2 ounces of our quaternary ammonia additive to normal dilution.  Now, the immediate sanitizing is hospital grade, and the BioZone Protectant is the long-term germ inhibiting safeguard needed for community health.

INDIRECT CONTACT: BioZone treatment can be applied to nearly every kind of surface (soft or hard) turning every surface into a death trap for microbes.  The process is to spray the BioZone treatment on all available surfaces.  This should be done professionally when possible.

SHARED EQUIPMENT AND CLOTHING:  Treating equipment and clothing with BioZone is part of daily life.  Like Dark Ages doctors eventually learned that they could carry disease on their unsanitized hands, clothing and shared equipment can and will pass disease as well.  Use BioZone Protectant on uniforms, sport gear, orthopedic appliances, medical uniforms, and numerous items that need an enduring antibacterial inhibiting protection.

Infectious Pathways

Prevention is what you do to prevent disease.  Medical care is what happens when we ignore the foremost duty of good health.  It would be good if everyone was careful about spreading disease, but they aren't.  The duty of any facility is to provide the reasonable care to prevent harm to those entering the building.

When it comes to infection control, there is no more efficient system than BioZone protection.  One application lasts for months meaning the real costs are spread over several months with superior power to weekly sanitizing by hand.

BioZone Protectant is not sold on a retail basis.  We provide our professional-level antimicrobial through distributors or corporate partners.  Please select your level of interest.

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