Affordable Sanitizing and Infection Control

The need to sanitize a facility raises two questions.  If is affordable, and is it effective?  In answer to these two questions, BioZone Protectant antimicrobial treatment exceeds what most sanitizing processes can offer.  A serious sanitizing effort means dozens of workers and gallons of sanitizer are brought on the job to hopefully treat all surfaces.  The sheer cost of such an effort easily puts the cost of serious sanitizing into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the facility.

By comparison, the application of BioZone Protectant requires one or two trained persons to cover more surfaces in about one tenth the time of traditional scrubbing programs.  Beyond the cost of product, the realized savings can be a remarkable factor in the germ-fighting battle.  The BioZone antimicrobial surface treatment is applied in a mist that attached to all types of surfaces.  The treatment is more uniform and comprehensive coating all surface, soft or hard.

Traditional sanitizing processes have an immediate impact, but no lasting endurance.  Some studies show a bacterial rebound in as little as four hours after a sanitizing product has been used.  The BioZone antimicrobial surface treatment has an immediate germ-fighting action that continues for weeks and months after application.  This seriously reduces the potential for bacterial rebound and the possibility of infected surfaces transferring pathogens.

In the final analysis, the enduring germ inhibiting action of BioZone Protectant as an antimicrobial surface treatment is the superior choice for affordability and effectiveness.