Odor Free Casts Process

Odor Free CastsBesides the discomfort, one to the big issues with casts is the odor.  This is true for all casts, but especially true for casts for young people and sports injuries where sweating is common.  A little research will show that sweat is not the odor problem, but a rich food source for bacteria that will produce the foul smell.  Short of routinely replacing the cast, there seems to be no solution for the odor problem with casts and other orthopedic devices.

The introduction of non-toxic, hypoallergenic antimicrobial treatments is about to change this industry.  Antimicrobial products can be infused into the sleeves, wrap, and plaster materials used in casts.  The right combination of antimicrobial products have proven to be very effective in reducing the odor problem and decreasing overall bacteria activity.  When the sleeve or materials are treated with BioZone Protectant, the bacteria-fighting action can last for one to three months.  

As informed medical people should know, bacteria must first attach to the surface and then colonize to form a biofilm.  It is the biofilm that is most critical to odor and infection control.  In other words, if it were possible to keep bacteria from initially attaching, it follow that bacteria cannot grow into a colony and create the menacing biofilm.  If the bacteria cannot readily colonize, the associated odor will not happen.  A used cast will not smell fresh, but at least a cast or sleeve treated with BioZone Protectant will not produce the worst smells.

BioZone Protectant is a proven antibacterial treatment that is also non-toxic, non-transferring, and non-leaching.  It is not adversely affected by moisture.  It will not cause a skin reaction.  The product can be sprayed onto soft or hard surfaces which quickly dries with a permanent bond.  This antimicrobial product can also be used to treat clothing, material, and porous products.  BioZone Protectant can be added to the mixture of most mixtures allowing it to be infused into the final product that will be a germ inhibiting improvement to standard products.

This type of antimicrobial coating has been used in several major hospitals showing tremendous microbial reduction for as long a ninety days.  Independent lab tests were used to show the enduring ability of antimicrobial surface treatments to prevent the infection of bacteria, virus, and fungi.  

It seems obvious that the absence of complications and the reduction of bacteria will make antimicrobial treatments an essential for casting materials, sleeves, and orthopedic devices.  Because BioZone Protectant can be used as a sprayed surface treatment or infused into casting material, that this product offers the best method for orthopedic innovation.

BioZone Protectant is not depending on light to react like titanium oxide.  It does not introduce any heavy metals like silver, copper, or arsenic.  BioZone Protectant is an EPA registered product that coats every thread or all surface area with a hostile barbed surface that rips the outer membrane of the bacteria causing it to die.