Can You Catch MRSA from a Toilet Seat?

very year, tens of thousands of unsuspecting people get a nasty skin infection called MRSA.  What is not being said openly about MRSA is that we are not winning this battle.  The best we can do is manage the problem once it has shown up once again in the community.

MRSA is a highly infectious and drug resistant.  Antibiotics like methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin, and oxacillin are some of the better known antibiotics on a longer list of ineffective medicines.  VRSA is a similar bacteria that is immune to even more antibiotics.

MRSA is carried by 1% of the population without showing symptoms.  This bacteria can also be found in about 30% of people around us.  So, it becomes an impossible infectious threat to eliminate because it is literally everywhere.  Outbreaks happens then MRSA finds a scratch, abrasion, or wound to invade.  

People with weak immune systems are also easy targets for MRSA.  Every gym, sports center, or school athletic department is a prime breeding ground for MRSA.  These warm, moist areas also have plenty of direct and indirect contact opportunities.  Wiping down exercise equipment is only a token effort when it comes to MRSA.

Sports teams like wrestling, basketball, football, and such have an abundance of bruising encounters that happen in seconds but leave the MRSA bacteria that quickly takes up residence. 
While responsible people encourage hand washing, not sharing clothing, or wiping of exercise equipment; these are only modest hindrances against the spread of MRSA.  MRSA is resilient and can survive on surfaces for days even if there is a reasonable good cleaning program.

The fact is that there is no way to eliminate MRSA or other superbugs from society.  Once they develop drug-resistance, these germs simply pose a greater threat.  Since, we can’t eliminate them, we must revert to the most fundamental concept of better sanitizing efforts.

The latest and most innovative solutions is antimicrobial surface treatments that establish a “Germ Hostile” surface throughout the building.  Since bacteria cannot fly or walk, they rely on common contact to transport them.  We refer to these as “Pathways of Infection”.  If we cut of these pathways, infections will literally drop to a miniscule occurrence.

BioZone Protectant is a leading antimicrobial surface treatment that is professionally applied leaving an invisible coating that will fight germs 24/7 for months after application.  BioZone Protectant is applied in a 50 micron spray that can be applied to hard and soft surfaces.

Once dried, BioZone Protectant is non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-transferrable.  The reason BioZone Protectant last is that it does not rely on a chemical reaction to kill bacteria, virus, or fungi.  Treated surfaces tear the outer membrane of microbes causing them to die.  

BioZone Protectant can be safely applied to wrestling mats, exercise equipment, uniforms, and sport equipment as well as counters, counters, walls, and carpets.  We can only imagine the value of a facility that has BioZone Protectant applied to all surfaces.  In three hospital tests by an independent lab, this antibacterial surface treatment reduce the microbe count by as much as 98% over a 90 day period.