Ebola and Antimicrobial Surface Treatments

As new threats, lie Ebola and Enterovirus, raise the immediate concerns of Americans, the overall health concern should include 15,000 people who die each year from staph infection.  We still must be aware of herpes, AIDs, HIV, and even the flu.  Flu and pneumonia cause about 53,000 deaths per year.

Ebola is a horrible disease that can easily devastate a community or country.  Therefore, there is no desire to lessen the concern for the spread of Ebola in the Americas.  This disease has made us aware that we are vulnerable to the next generation of infectious diseases, and some of them are drug resistant.

The use of ozonated water has proven to be an amazing, and long-neglected, sanitizing system.  XytoBlast.com proposes that Liquid Ozone is cheap, easily to apply, and extraordinarily effective for many sanitizing applications.  

Regardless of the type of sanitizer being used, the most massive sanitizing effort is quickly compromised by the next infected person who enters the room.  That is why the addition of an antimicrobial surface treatment, like BioZone Protectant, is an intelligent approach to disease prevention and control.

A two-step process of ozonated water followed by BioZone Protectant can provide a ready decontamination solution that has little expense to the end user.  The fact, that BioZone Protectant offers germ inhibiting action for three months or longer makes any cleaning and sanitizing program more effective.

BioZone Protectant offers 24/7 protection to all surfaces, including clothing.  Since Ebola and other diseases spread by direct or indirect contact, surface treatment is the smart prophylactic approach.  With BioZone Protectant, bacteria and virus cannot attach and colonize on surfaces.  

If you are looking to step up your infection control efforts, the antimicrobial surface treatment of BioZone Protectant is easily added in the process while reducing the manpower costs of a very aggressive infection control program.