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Better than Ozone - Antimicrobial Products

Antimicrobial Surface TreatmentIt should be understood that ozone is a great concept that is used for get rid of odor and sanitize all types of surfaces.  It is non-toxic and leave no residue, but it is not the only ... or the best tool on the market.  We hear from many who wonder if BioZone Protectant is as good as ozone.

Odor Removal for Car, Trucks, Buses, and Boats

Remove odors from CarSome much happens in our cars and trucks, that odor in these vehicles is bound to occur.  The small space and limited ventilation system will not be help the air or odor problems found in cars.  In fact, the ventilation system may be part of the problem since it is a repository of dust, mildew, and funky things we cannot reach.

Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

Antimicrobial Surface TreatmentThe antibacterial surface treatment used in BioZone Protectant has been around more than ten years.  During this time there have been numerous evaluations of this mechanical process.  The amazing fact is that the tests were not just 30 seconds after the treatment, but days and weeks after the antimicrobial surface treatment had been applied.

Problems with Hand Sanitizers

Teenagers can be pretty creative in their pursuit of a cheap buzz. Last month we reported on the which involves snarfing down a spoonful of the powdered spice.

Now we've got teens quaffing hand sanitizer, and ending up sick in the ER.

A spike in the number of teenagers who became ill after drinking hand sanitizer in Los Angeles County — 16 cases in March and April, according to the California Poison Control System. Now there's a flurry of reports from other parts of the country, too.