Ebola and Antimicrobial Surface Treatments

As new threats, lie Ebola and Enterovirus, raise the immediate concerns of Americans, the overall health concern should include 15,000 people who die each year from staph infection.  We still must be aware of herpes, AIDs, HIV, and even the flu.  Flu and pneumonia cause about 53,000 deaths per year.

Can You Catch MRSA from a Toilet Seat?

very year, tens of thousands of unsuspecting people get a nasty skin infection called MRSA.  What is not being said openly about MRSA is that we are not winning this battle.  The best we can do is manage the problem once it has shown up once again in the community.

MRSA is a highly infectious and drug resistant.  Antibiotics like methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin, and oxacillin are some of the better known antibiotics on a longer list of ineffective medicines.  VRSA is a similar bacteria that is immune to even more antibiotics.

Odor Free Casts Process

Odor Free CastsBesides the discomfort, one to the big issues with casts is the odor.  This is true for all casts, but especially true for casts for young people and sports injuries where sweating is common.  A little research will show that sweat is not the odor problem, but a rich food source for bacteria that will produce the foul smell.

Odor Free Orthopedic Devices

Biozone Protectant is now being used by Maramed Orthopedics as an important improvement to orthopedic devices.  BioZone Protectant is now infused into the stocking that is worn on the skin, the foam or plastic parts, and the exterior structure.  The goal is two-fold.  These devices are often worn every day for extended periods.  Costant use means an odor problem that is hard to avoid.  

Antimicrobial Coatings that Really Work

There is little doubt that antimicrobial coatings are on the rise.  As new drug-resistant diseases emerge, there is a huge need to revisit our sanitizing processes that are only modest safeguards.  Bleach is not the ultimate solution. It is high in VOC causing later-life health issues, and it does not provide a 24/7 kind of proactive microbial barrier that is desperately needed.  Antimicrobial coating or antimicrobial surface treatments are the proactive choice.  If a facility waits for diseases to strikes before offering a response, the cost and threat are huge.

CRE in Now In the United State

The CDC has been anxiously watching the emergence of the latest superbug in the Mid East.  Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE, or NDM-1) is a disease that not only has a reported 50% death rate, it is also resistant to the "Drug of Last Resort" (a group of antibiotics known as carbapenems).  All this fulfills the worst nightmare of any medical center.  CRE is in the same bacteria family as E Coli and Klebsiella.  Unfortunately, CRE is drug resistant, and there may be no reliable treatment for this disease.

Fighting the Cold and Flu Season

Cleaning is not EnoughAs strange as it may sound, it is true that during periods of cooler temperature, influenza cases increase roughly tenfold or more.  In the United States, the flu season start sometime in October and lasts through May. It usually peaks in February, but fle can be caught anytime during the year.  Cold follow a similar pattern.

Nanotechnology in Nature Kills Germs

Imagine a hospital room, door handle or kitchen countertop that is free from bacteria -- and not one drop of disinfectant or boiling water or dose of microwaves has been needed to zap the germs.  That is the idea behind a startling discovery made by scientists in Australia.


In a study published on Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, they described how a dragonfly led them to a nano-tech surface that physically slays bacteria.

Microban Users Need to Know

Microban is a popular additive to many products you might buy.  The claim is that Microban will prevent bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi that cause stain and product degradation.  Good idea actually.  This information comes from the Microban website:

5.  What types of microorganisms does Microban protection work against?

Affordable Sanitizing and Infection Control

The need to sanitize a facility raises two questions.  If is affordable, and is it effective?  In answer to these two questions, BioZone Protectant antimicrobial treatment exceeds what most sanitizing processes can offer.  A serious sanitizing effort means dozens of workers and gallons of sanitizer are brought on the job to hopefully treat all surfaces.  The sheer cost of such an effort easily puts the cost of serious sanitizing into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the facility.