Antimicrobial Coatings that Really Work

There is little doubt that antimicrobial coatings are on the rise.  As new drug-resistant diseases emerge, there is a huge need to revisit our sanitizing processes that are only modest safeguards.  Bleach is not the ultimate solution. It is high in VOC causing later-life health issues, and it does not provide a 24/7 kind of proactive microbial barrier that is desperately needed.  Antimicrobial coating or antimicrobial surface treatments are the proactive choice.  If a facility waits for diseases to strikes before offering a response, the cost and threat are huge.

Proactive efforts to keep diseases from attaching and colonizing in surfaces is smart, more affordable, and may literally save lives.  This is particularly true in a day when healthcare is under siege and quality care is vested in government restrictions.  Prevention is the better part of disease control.  Medical treatments are the final level of protection that is now showing signs of fatigue and impotency.

BioZone Protectant is one of the leading antimicrobial coatings that allows quick application of an EPA approved antimicrobial surface treatment with the ability to inhibit disease for three to six months.  BioZone Protectant is non-toxic, non-transferrable, and non-leaching once dried. It is easily applied to soft or hard surfaces.  It can be applied on smooth or porous surfaces as well.  It does not require light to activate it.  BioZoneProtectant works 24/7 to fight pathogenic microbes even though it is a nanotechnology process that is unseen.

BioZone Protectant can also provide an antimicrobial coating for clothing, uniforms, towels, and commonly share items that will also inhibit microbial transfer.  This product is applied with only minimal interruption of the workplace or home.  It is safe for all watersafe items.  If there is a present threat from infectious diseases, use Peroxy Shield for initial treatment.  This is an EPA registered sanitizer that is a water-based hydrogen peroxide product capable of killing C Diff and C Diff spores in just two minutes.  Follow with BioZone antimicrobial coatings for long-term germ inhibiting protection.